23 November, 2008

Ticked Off Big Time

I don't usually complain about yarn but this ticks me off. And everyone knows that you should not Tick Off a Momma Bear.

I purchased Wisdom Yarns San Diego self patterning sock yarn. Colour 252 Dye Lot S1884. 75% Wool; 25% Polyamide. Feels good; looks good; but ----- see for yourself. If you knit you know just how long it takes to knit a sock past the heel on 2.25 mm needles, 72 stitches reduced to 60 by the ankle. Hate it, I tried to keep going hoping it would work out, NOT!!!!
I purchase so much yarn and knit continually. This is the first time that I vented on line. I don't even remember where I bought it, I know it was recently, what it cost (cannot be cheap), and do I really need more socks? Doesn't matter, I am a sock knitting kook and am very disappointed. Oh yeah, I email the company with a picture.
As alway MommaBearKnits and can go to her stash and get over her dissapointment. The only other thing about yarn that ticks me off is tooooooooo toooooooo many knots.


  1. So, these guys aren't so wise afterall... have they never heard the phrase 'don't poke the bear?'

    What were they thinkin'?


  2. Wow!! That is a first for me. Someone must have been sleeping on the line. I guess there is not much you can do. It makes for a good post. Good luck!!


  3. They should send you another ball of that. I have socks knit with San Diego and they were fine, so I agree with Christine that someone was asleep on the line! Keep after them!!