28 September, 2008

Baby Patterns - Still at It

Finished my hoodie size 12 months. Had another gramma take it home and try it on her grandchild for feed back. Report was that the hood was too wide and needed to be reduced in size. I am working on that as we speak. I see no reason why the red one won't make some little person warm anyway, even if the hood is a little large.

Worked out my choice for the basic cardigan, knit it in Navy with Lady Bug Buttons. It really is cute but I have learned that no matter how cute a cardigan is it still needs to photograph well and I am afraid this one doesn't. Both of these are knit in Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed 45% Cotton/55% Acrylic.
Now I am working on the hoodie again (below), same size, downsizing the hood and trying to maintain the #'s. I think it will be fine.

This is my new version (new sizing anyway) the style is already finalized for the rest of the garment. This sample is knit in Sirdar, Country Style from my stash.


Finished my stretch socks for MommaBear and Bamboo socks for PoppaBear. Oh yeah, I have another pair on the go. What else is new? Nothing.

Bye Bye for now MommaBearKnits on and on into the night. I love visitors to my blog and I encourage comments-----makes me feel good!

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  1. The socks look great! Maybe I should have you finishing my socks..... :o)

    I think it's fine if the hood is a little loose - the sweaters look great.

    Still having fun with the 3000+ yardage?