17 September, 2008

I Knit for the Joy of it ----- I Knit for Life

This past weekend I went to the K-W Show with Deb. She drove us from Orillia to Aurora. I Knitted from Orillia to Aurora. Then we boarded the "School Bus" that was arranged by the Aurora Guild. It was my first time. What a great group. They had draws for prizes all the way to the show and the laughter and networking was wonderful. Off course, Deb had to work the show, but I teamed up with Jo-ann and we had a great day. I hate to have my picture taken, but, there I am right beside Deb and directly behind me is Jo-ann. We connected on a sticks and string level and I enjoyed the company. Jo-Ann did make me spend money but I returned the favour.
I am addicted to sock yarn sooooooooooo I could not resist. "The Black Lamb" Merino/Nylon
80/20 Superwash Merino/Nylon 3 Ply. I will just touch it, stroke it, and down the road Knit it. How much pleasure can a MommaBear get from one skein of yarn. Love it!!!

This one is Austermann with Aloe Vera ---- nuff said. I have used it before. It feels fabulous in the ball, on the hands when knitting and especially on the FEET!!!

Oh My Gawd!!! Chocolate says "MommaBear Truly is a Kook" what in the world will she do with this leaning tower of pizza?
I purchased it from Grand River Yarns, Stoney Creek, Ontario. I could not resist, and I was "Talked into It" by Jo-ann. It is 1135 gms.; 3064 yds; wool/acrylic/viscose. This will take some thought. One thing I am sure of, Chocolate will not get a new sweater unless there is some left over when I am almost done with it.

........Until next time .......
------ You Kooks out There ----
.........Keep on playing with sticks and string.........
-----MommaBearKnits on and on------

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  1. Ooo - I'd forgotten you bought the Black Lamb yarn too! Love the shot of Chocolate sizing up the rather large (ahem) skein. I was happy to enable you (and to be enabled).

    Now back to my knitting......