16 February, 2013

I am Slow but still Designing!!!!!

I have finally finished the written pattern and three samples.  This one is in 100% wool, and I have since changed the body pattern to accommodate all the sizes.  The last time I posted a picture of this one, it turned out looking really grey, I guess it was a dull day.

Size 2, the pattern is size 2 - 12 (6 sizes)
Now I have finished a size 2 and a size 4 for samples.

Next, I have to double double double check the pattern for errors, then ask another knitter to check for errors, take pictures, work out a scematic and then publish the pattern.

I realize that the neckline looks tight, but it is not, it is worked with a provisional cast on and then both ends are knit together, that makes for a very very stretchy neckband when the child is being dressed and it fits well when being worn.

MommaBearKnits on into the night, she even knits dishcloths when she wants a break from pattern writing.

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