31 August, 2009

It's Not Hot in Lake Country Now

Now the heat wave is past and I am working big time on JJ Jacket. I had to frog the first sleeve as it was way to deep. I didn't realize that until I sewed up the underarm (I know, I am a no sew knitter but JJ has minimal sewing and it is done on the garter stitch edge, just on the underarm, that is pretty easy. Otherwise it would be necessary to work every other row on the sleeve as a purl row). No point in positing another picture until it is done, that will be by Wednesday, I promise, Deb. In the meantime during the heat wave I worked on a smaller project (well actually two projects). Above is a size 4 pullover version of the Jr. J. Just for the fun of it. The other one is another Baby Compass, I am still not completely happy with the writting of it so I will continue to make samples until I am.

By Wednesday JJ will be done, pictures posted and out of my face. I do love it and look forward to seeing it in a pattern published by Cabin Fever. MommaBearKnits on and on even in the sweltering heat.

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