01 August, 2009


Awwwwwww! I am so relaxed. The blocking process is very stressful for a fine lace work of art that I am. But now it is all worth it. I am soft, and await my chance to wrap my arms around the lady that I was knit for. Life will be good for me. MommaBear Knit me from an Evelyn Clark Design called "Heartland Lace Shawl" and she adores me and enjoyed every minute of the process.
Now summer has come to Lake country big time. In MommaBear's back yard there is a weird collection of hanging plants. This one has introduced Goldfish into the mix.
I also have a very productive Christmas Cactus who loves to hang out with the other hanging plants in Mommabear's back yard. I guess Christmas will come in August this year. This crazy cactus blooms continuously all year. I love it. Until next time-----
MOMMABEARKNITS in self patterning yarn too.

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