06 September, 2009

Break from the usual -- FABULOUS WEDDING

The bride danced with her grandson - beauty & handsome couple, even if they are a couple of generations apart.
The groom danced with his new step grand daughter. Is she a beauty or what!!! - & he is a handsome groom.

The bride's son gave her away, oh my, tears in my eyes.

What a fabulous event. The minister was wonderful, fabulous ceremony filled with laughter and love. Wow what a weekend.

No comment here, what more can you say about the most beautiful bride's grand daughters.
P.S. Jada (my inspiration for Baby J) on the left and Sophia (Sophia's Ridged Cardigan inspiration) on the right.
The groom on the right and his best man (first born son) on the left.

We had a fabulous wedding weekend, so wonderful for two of the most loving seniors on the planet. Great party.
Oh, yeah, the bride is the recipient of my knitted shawls.
Wow what a party!!!!!

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  1. That looks like the best time was had by all! What a wonderful time and everyone looks beautiful~