03 November, 2010

Getting Down to the Wire!!!!

I am very busy getting ready for the Oro Medonte Craft and Art Show.

Tagging the last of the items and ending the tails on the last few is happening as we speak.  Well, at least it was, until I started typing this post.  I am ready to go -------  almost!!!!

Today I am finishing up the sale tags for my socks.  I have my dining table totally covered with sizes 3 months to Men's Medium.  That is a lot of knitting.  I am addicted to socks I am afraid. 

I will post pictures of the other categories as I pack them away for the trip to Shanty Bay.

MommaBearKnits, what else is new?


  1. Great photo. You have even more pairs of socks than I had imagined. Wow what a display you're going to have at the show.

  2. Beautiful socks - they'll keep lots of tootsies toasty!