15 November, 2010

The Journey Began

Thursday Afternoon we set up for the show at Shanty Bay

Pictures tell it all, no need to ramble.

You may notice the notes all over the walls.   The St. Thomas Church members have written memories all over the walls inside the hall.  Later this year they are going to begin a renovation which will include a new insulated inner wall.  These memories will be under the new wall for all eternity.  What a great idea!

I had a wonderful show, sold lot's of merchandise, met some wonderful people and was too busy to take any more pictures.  Old friends, new friends and great ideas ---- what could be more enjoyable.  The weather was awesome and the church ladies put on a wonderful lunch.  Once a year I get to drink my coffee and/or tea from a cup and saucer.   Oh yeah! I guess I have to get back on track, November 2011 is just around the corner. 

First I am going to write the adulf version of the Compass pattern, finish the Miss Emilee and then I have an idea for an adult sweater and vest.  I have one that I knit several years ago and I still get compliments and questions about the style when I wear it today.  Keep checking in I will be expanding on the concept of a pullover with a vest.

Until next time ---- MommaBearKnits

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  1. I hope the show was really great. Looks like you have lots of new patterns planned. Looking forward to seeing them.