04 September, 2010

Knitting Along

Just so you know.  I am still knitting other things even though I am working on the KAL.

Baby Blanket
I have lots of yarn in my stash, some of it is not my favourite or not what I expected.  So, I decided not to let it just sit there, it must be useful for something.  Above is my first project (Stash Buster).  It is a self patterning DK weight yarn that does not do it for me.  I will not say the name of the yarn as I don't want to put a particular brand down when I know that others out there will think it is great.  We all have our wants and needs, right!   I am working a multidirectional baby blanket, in garterstitch.  It is knit double so the colours are all over the place.  It will keep a baby warm, that is all that is important, and my stash is reduced a little bit.

Next on my sticks is the Miss Emilee (below) pattern that I am working on.  This is the fourth sample, I think I have it down now and can move on to writing it.
Miss Emilee

Hoodie Pullover for my Stock

Above is a size 12 mos. pullover version of my hoodie pattern.  It has not been written but if you are experienced at all you can make any cardigan (or almost any) a pullover when you work no-sew knitting.

Socks of Course
And last but not least I am still working on socks.  Above is two pair; one is a man's size medium and the other is a man's small or a woman's medium.  I know the colours don't look like they match but they are all knit with the same colour yarn and they do match up better when actually viewed face to socks.   The yarn is Kroy Socks FX, Clover Colors. 

Guess What!  MommaBearKnits 

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