08 September, 2010

KAL is finished

The Compass KAL is complete.  Later today I will make one last post for the KAL.  I will do this again, I enjoyed it very much.  The last post will have all the schematics in order.  Hopefully it will be visited if anyone has a problem with the placement of the sections.  I could not include the detailed schematics on the pattern as it would make the pattern too long.  Already it is 6 pages.  With the schematics for each section it would be at least two or more pages longer, that is too cumbersome. 

Here is my finished project:

I sewed a couple of flower buttons on the hat, just for a change.  It would work with tiny flowers, ladybug or beads too. 

I also received a picture from Kim, one of the participants, I would love to see more pictures and/or comments from others.

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