28 May, 2009

Long Time No Posting!

I have not been posting but I sure have been knitting. I am working to build up my already plentiful stock of knitted garments (mostly babies, some toddlers). As you may have figured out when I design I knit many samples, different sizes, different colours, yarns, and especially variations of the basic do-the-numbers patterns. Some have been published by Cabin Fever and now that I am retired I have produced two of my own and offered them for sale on www.patternfish.com/shop; see pictures and the link to the left of my post. I am still working on the latest Baby ???? multidirectional pattern (no name yet), two pairs of socks and my special gift shawl. It is coming alone but I would have to take it off the needles to photo it. And of course there is quite a pile of UFO's waiting patiently.

So, Surprise, I have started another project, what else is new. It will be a top down raglan, no sew pullover. This one, hopefully will have a better neckline with the front dropped down below the back without all those short rows. The short rows are great but, I have to be different. I will post my progress. I have done the #'s (they will need some tweeking, but thank goodness for spreadsheets, I love them for the math). This one will be size 1 - 8 years as pullovers are not really practical for infants.

The first step is the neckband.

I will likely have the next picture very very soon. Come back and check it out.

Until next time MommaBearKnits

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