06 June, 2009

Final Version---- Hopefully

Yes, the Frog Squad had to return. I finished the body and started working on the sleeve. I tried really hard to accept the sleeve depth but NOT!!!! At least this time I did not have to rework the neckband. Today's pictures do not show the cable pattern very well, but I feel that a patterned back panel is necessary to fit in with the dropped front neckline and the raglan shaping. This one has cables all over the body and sleeves, looks cute, but not easy to write up as it would require charting or writing many many rows for the increases. I will likely go with a cable panel down the centre front and back and the centre sleeve, maybe just a 6/2 rib for the rest or just plain.

This time I increased the stitches on the front and the back to offset the tight cables and I left the sleeve numbers as is, so that the sleeve stitches would not increase too much. This may never be a pattern, at least not with the cables, as the increases would would not work in well with the 5 sizes that I have in mind. Perhaps I can work it with just sizes 2 (4, 6, 8); time will tell. I think the neckband #'s could be the same for size 2 & 4 and increased for sizes 6 & 8 but size 1 would be a stretch. Keep on checking, I hope no more FROG SQUAD.
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  1. What a lovely pattern with all those cables. I think you should go for it and simplify the sizing. It's really nice looking.