25 June, 2009

No Post Just Answers to Comments

Thanks again Katrina, you are a boost. The socks are strictly out of my head passed down from my mom out of her head. I rarely use a sock pattern, I just cast on---turn the heel--- knit the foot and decrease the toe depending on the size I want and the weight of yarn. I really prefer fingering but a lot of the baby ones are knit in DK just so they match the cardigan and also they serve as booties. As for the hats, the same thing applies, cast on multiple of 8 stitches to accommodate the 8 stitch decrease for the top and then try to work in a pattern that is divisable by 2, 4, & 8. Sometimes I add a stitch or subtract one to accomodate the seed stitch. The blue one that you commented on is in a twisted stitch which, you are right, was used in the book Kid's Knitted Sweater Book. Deb and Lynda have an awesome hat book out that will make any hat you want knittable. I am still knitting and just today started a pair of baby socks from left over momma sock yarn. Of course I am working on a self patterning DK Huggy Bear; the same only different than my pattern. Come back, I will have more pictures.
MommaBear sits in front of a large fan and knits in this heat. Nothing can stop her from her sticks and string.

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  1. hank you so much for answering my questions-- lucky little ones to receive such beautiful garments!I would love to create my own "wear" for my family but I never know the magic numbers to cast on for the weight of yarn I am using. I love hearing about patterns that were passed down from a mother to daughter- I hope I can do the same for my girls. I do have Cabin Fever's new book-- It is so full of knowledge. I just received it and it has been following me everywhere! Thanks for the update-- I will look forward to more pictures!