17 June, 2009

Just Keeping in Touch

Today I decided that I better organize my stock of knitted garments. This fall I hope to participate in local craft shows and perhaps even the farmer's market. Even I am surprised, it is unbelievable just how many items I have knit including designer samples and the feeding of my addiction to the sticks and string. On the table are a very small portion of the ones that I rinsed and blocked today, believe me VERY SMALL portion. I also got another pile ready for blocking when these ones are dry I will take inventory and just see what I have. I am mainly into baby garments lately but I am now reaching out the toddlers and even tweens.
Oh yeah, I am working on another multidirectional cardigan. This pattern is being written as well. I believe it will be called BabyCompass or something similar that will draw attention to the South, East, West direction that it is knit. Oh, I am still into socks, socks, socks.
I also want to thank Gigi and Katrina for their compliments. Katrina, as yet the cabled pullover is not being written but who knows, maybe soon. I will keep my patterns posted. OK, busy morning, now I will sit down and KNIT the day away.

1 comment:

  1. I love the new cardigan. It sounds interesting! I can not wait to get it on Patternfish(I have both of the patterns you have written up--love them!)