23 June, 2009

Current Project and Blocking Inventory

Today I washed and blocked more of my stock. I had to use my dining table inside, and outside and even the lawn chairs. Twenty Eight garments and hats and even some baby socks.

Baby and toddler cardigans, hoodies & pullovers.

This pile is in the gazebo.

This is my current project. It is done in worsted weight yarn with the numbers from "Baby Compass". I expect that it will be a size 2-3 when complete. Instead of the textured pattern, I just used garter stitch. I have loved garter stitch for a long time and keep going back to it. Remember Baby "J". This one is similar but not the same. Back to my sticks and string. MommaBearKnits.
This is Baby Compass (one of many) that I just completed. It is also in worsted but the numbers are for a smaller size. (Size 12-18 months.)


  1. Wowee, look at them all!

  2. I love Baby Compass(such a nice name) WOW you were busy. Those will be well dressed and lucky little ones! I love those socks~ Which pattern did you use?

  3. I love those hats (well I love it all and wish I could see it all in real life!) but anyway... the hat in the top picture-- the blue ones are adorable! Are they any sort of pattern-- the cable one looks like the one in kids knitted sweater-- princess cable or maybe twisted cable?