30 June, 2009

Question Answered

Katrina: You asked about Baby Compass and Baby "J". Baby Compass will not be in Garter Stitch. I just did that for the mauve one because I wanted to try it just to see how it looks. My several samples of Baby Compass are worked in an alternating Garter Stitch/Seed Stitch pattern and that is what I want for the final project.

The multidirectional construction of the two patterns are quite different even though I realize the picture of the last project looks very similar. Baby "J" is worked sideways from centre front panels and Baby Compass is worked down from the centre sleeve panel. I know that is a simple explanation but that is it in a nutshell.

I am now off on a little break, I took out some stash yarn and am working on baby/toddler socks just for the fun of it. Until my next post, Happy Canada Day to my Canadian Visitors and Happy July 4 to my American Visitors.

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