01 June, 2009

O O P S ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I goofed big time. I had reached the body of the pullover, was proud of how it looked, well I already had a change or two in my head for the next one, but!!!!

Background info----For a long time I had several balls of Cascade Superwash in my stash. Quite some time ago I started a project, changed my mind and re-wound a couple of balls, wrong! I was going through my many balls of yarn, found what I thought was another ball of Cascade and put it in the bag with the others. I worked the pullover down to the underarms, separated the body and sleeves and then joined a new ball. I worked a few rows, looked at it ---- oh no!!!!! Different dye lot. No!!!!! different yarn. The colour was so close and the weight of both yarns was worsted. I very rarely knit with this colour so didn't even notice. I guess it is these old retired eyes of mine.

So I called in the "Frog Squad" and frogged the night away.

Going, Going!
Going, Going!

The good news is, I started another one, smaller size though, and am already one row from the underarm. What is also a good thing, I am able to put in the changes that cropped up during the process. I have put away the wrong ball and pulled out the right yarn. I will finish the yoke and by the end of the day will post the improved version. Oh so much time wasted. The frogs were a big help and they promised to stand by for the next goof!!!!! Go away Frogs!!!!!!

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