07 June, 2009


The frog squad has been sent away. I like this one, just have to finish the right sleeve and hopefully some cute little one year old will be happy to have it, I guess it will be a baby that will be a year old in the fall as this is in worsted weight superwash wool. Warm and easy to care for, what else could be nicer. I guess I should finish my other baby project as well and then start writing ----------
Rainy day in the Sunshine City----- no problem the grass will grow and the flowers will bloom. Oh yeah, the cutting of the grass and weeding will be a chore that cannot be ignored. Less time for knitting. MommaBear can work that out, knitting is a priority, right!


  1. It's good for the environment to let the grass get long. Weeds, on the other hand, tend to bully the other plants into submission. At least around here, in my garden, while I'm, ahem, knitting. Knit on!!!


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