02 June, 2009


Progess report on the second try. This one is a size 1 (generous size) and is just a basic pullover. When I am happy with the basic then I will let my creativety take over. I am not sure if the sleeves are a little deep but that will be more evident when I finish. Little ones are better with deep sleeves but I will have to see how the larger sizes work. That won't be a big deal to tweek the numbers. I have hidden that bad bad odd ball deep in the land of stash. It will come in handy for my scrap hats or even mittens but until then it will not see the light of day.
Just for the fun of it, click on the patternfish link at the top of the sidebar, it will display my designs and my Friends of Cabin Fever designs that are available on line. I really must get back to my Baby ??? pattern and then I have another variation of Sam's Delight that I may write up and of course this red pullover. What I need is a ghost writer, so that all I do is knit.
Until the next posting, MOMMABEARKNITS, boy does she ever. Retirement is good.

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