01 May, 2010

Progress: For the Compass

Well, I have sent the pattern off to Deb for her comments.  I am always sad when my patterns are out there, they no longer are my babies.  I am still working on the samples.  When I am totally finished Baby Compass will appear on Patternfish.  http://www.patternfish.com/

I am now on the southern route to homeland. Then I will work at least one more sample in Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK for the photo op.  I also have a red one on the same southern route in
Patons True North DK.
See the hat below in Red, also in True North DK.

The pattern will include the hat as well.  So I will have to knit it in the Denim, Oh Dear, what a task!!!

Above is a picture of the underarm, that will be closed with a three needle cast off and the end of the yarn used for the cast off will also be used to close any gap that appears at the underarm.  Then it will be done.

Above is the finished sleeve.   As you can see, in the cardigan picture at the beginning of posting, one sleeve is finished and the other one is not.   

Keep in Touch, Baby Compass will be out there real soon!!!!!!

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