29 April, 2010


Last night at our guild meeting I was proud to be part of the Teens & Tweens, Cabin Fever Sweaters & Accessories book.  I also passed around my pattern in progress, just for feedback from the others in the group.  It was a great night, and now I am truly on the home stretch, not sure which direction of the compass the final path it is but I am looking forward to completing the journey.

Sections 1 -2 completed.

Sections 1 -  3

Sections 1 -  4

Sections 1 - 5

Sections 1 - 6

Sections 1 - 7

Section 8 (Final Section) is on the needles and working its way to the bottom.
 I guess that is travelling South.
MommaBear will now go back to her sticks and strings.  

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