26 April, 2010

Progress, in spite of Myself

I have finally put Baby Compass on paper from beginning to end.  I will spend the next few days, reading and re-reading.  It is amazing just how many errors you can find, and you think that you were really careful.  Next I will send it to a Pattern Checker, and she will come back with even more little glitches.  Then I will post it for sale on http://www.patternfish.com/  and perhaps it will appear in a store or two.  Who knows.  I love to design, I love to knit, I love to write patterns, but, I really have to push myself to finish.  I guess I am a little scared of my patterns being out there for all to knit.  I expect to have it done, and posted by May 10th.  I have to set myself a finish date or I will just keep procrastinating.  I am finishing my latest sample, size 6-9 months.  The next step is getting the photo done for the front page.  I will knit a couple of samples in Cabin Fever Tweed DK.  That will make a good picture.  Baby Compass doesn't really look best in varigated.  The textured Knit/Purl pattern stands out better in plain colours.   I will also include a baby hat in the pattern.

As yesterday, today and tomorrow, MommaBearKnits.

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  1. Ah- there are knit/purl stitches. Those I couldn't see with the variagated.