27 April, 2010

Baby Compass has taken possession of me ! ! ! !

So, the writing is done, most of the layout is complete and I am working the first sample for the photo op.  Besides my family, there are some things that I love without any doubt.  They are:  1) Knitting; 2) Designing; 3) Wearing denim jeans and knitting denim coloured yarn; 4) Networking with other Knitters & Designers; 5) No Sew Knitting; 6) Multidirectional Knitting; 7) Blogging about knitting ...... the list goes on.

Baby Compass has met all the criteria and more.  I am going to post each of the 8 sections as they are completed and finally the finished denim coloured cardigan.  Hope you are not tired of my Compass pictures.   I have knit the pattern with variations, about 15 times already and I still enjoy the journey.  I hope the knitters who chose Baby Compass feel the same way.  The first section is the neckband.  I am using Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK.  The colour is ---- Guess What?  Denim of course.

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