24 April, 2010

No Posts in almost a month!!! What is that all about.

No, I have not left the country and yes, I am still knitting.  I am working on baby hats, just knitting from my stash.  I recently finished two baby cardigans, just for my stock and to use up stash yarn.  I also have completed two pairs of socks (no pictures, I think I have taken enough sock pictures over the last few years).  Just thought I would show off some of the baby hats, for a change.  These hats are designed as  Photographer's Props. Some of them are not really practical for daily use, at least not the hats with the long tails and large pom poms. 

I recently received an email asking about the use of spreadsheets in designing, that has caused me to think a lot about my use of spreadsheets and how to help others if they ask.  One good thing, it will keep my old brain active. 

Also, I am knitting one more Baby Compass, while reading and editing every single row of the pattern as I knit it.  Lot's of work, but I do love the pattern.  It will be a bit of a challenge, but is that not a good thing for knitters?
As in the past, present, and the future,
MommaBearKnits on into the wee hours of the morning. 
Love it.


  1. Cute cute cute baby hats. Very creative.

  2. Gorgeous hats. I especially love the leaves.