26 March, 2010

Took a little different path --- Baby Compass is still on the Table

Today I responded to a request by a photographer that is interested in doing some Portrait Photos of newborns.  She was looking to locate a local knitter that would knit newborn hats and other items for her portraits.  That idea appealed to me as a photo can have some very different designs than the hat that the baby wears every day.  She asked me to visit some web sites to see what is out there for ideas.  I did and then I knit my first sample for her consideration. 

We are going to meet up with each other in about a week.  By then I hope to have a couple more on the needles.  The main part of this hat is garterstitch and the trim is crocheted.  Had fun doing it, I expect that she will want more colour but I am just beginning.  It will be a challenge.   

In the meantime I am still knitting the second sample of Baby Compass and working on the edits.

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