19 March, 2010

MommaBear is Back on Track

Over the past few days I have been knitting.  What else is new.  I finished a 6 month size cardigan/hat/socks and a toddler pullover.  Nothing really different, just knitting.  I am also knitting socks.  But, now that I am finished with the Teen Hoodie Pattern it is time to get back to "BABY COMPASS".  Below is a picture of one of many that I knit and sold at the Nov 2009 Oro Medonte Christmas Tour.  It was a very popular sweater.  Now it is well on its way.  Mostly I am editing my written notes as I knit another sweater.

Baby Compass is a multidirectional pattern that needs schematics to help understand the written part.  Following is the schemantic for section 1 - 3.  That is as far as I am knitting my latest sample.

I am halfway down section 3.  Keep in touch, I will regularly post a progress report and will include schematics for each section as I go.  Hopefully it will soon be checked by my pattern checker and then will be photographed and submitted to http://www.patternfish.com/ .

I also made a logo for Baby Compass:
It will appear as part of the heading. 
As in the past, and in the future, MommaBear will knit knit knit.

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