16 May, 2010

Home Stretch!!!!!

Seven Samples have been completed.  One in every size and a couple in the middle sizes.  I like to work all sizes to confirm the #'s; besides I like to knit.

Who would have thought that the drawing above would become a fabulous journey in all directions and then return home again. 

Just one more to finish.  This one is size 18 months.  It will done later today and then I have to get my pattern checked one more time for typos, poor sentence structure, pictures taken, and then off to http://www.patternfish.com/ . I did not make my May 10/10 goal but it won't be long now.

There will also be a hat included in the pattern. 
Keep on Knitting, If I keep it up I will have to keep on Trucking to contain my stock.

MommaBearKnits in Orillia, Ontario, Canada, North America  

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