29 May, 2010

Photo Op for Hoodie Bear

As I posted last time, I am re-knitting my samples for Hoodie Bear and Huggy Bear.  Hoodie Bear and the Collared Version is complete and ready to be uploaded onto the pattern.

And I am almost 1/2 way with the first new sample of Huggy Bear.  I think I will do the Yellow one as a baby girl's "HUG" and then I will knit a boyish colour for a baby boy's "HUG"

It is a beautiful day in Orillia, so I can knit out under the Gazebo.  How good is that?  Besides, I am all alone for the weekend.  I can knit all day with only the Ruster Cruster to distract me, and believe me he does distract me, but I love him anyway.
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