03 October, 2011

Callum's Cardigan Progress Report

I guess a picture is worth a thousand words.  How many words are three pictures worth. 
Yoke is complete, Front View
Back view of yoke
This is my plan, Callum's Moose Cardigan
It will be in a one year old size, Callum is a big baby so hopefully it will fit him with the sleeve cuffs rolled up by late November and in the spring.  

I am ready to start the body pattern now.  This is not really my style of knitting, but once in a while I go off in another direction.  I guess I said that before-------  MommaBearKnits and she watches out for Moose as well as Bears when she is walking the Ruster Cruster after all there was a Moose spotted, tranquilized and relocated just this past week in the City of Orillia, I live outside of the city soooooooo it could happen.  This design is in honour of my handsome model and his dad Marty.

-- MBK

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