14 July, 2009

Progress Report

Shawl is growing, I am enjoying it and do not have to make myself pick it up and knit. I do have to follow the pattern very carefully so I only work on it first thing in the morning when I am more attentive.
The sock project is almost to the end, at least for the Comfort DK 5 balls of assorted colours. I will start another sock project from my stash, perhaps a bigger size, toddler 2 - 3.
I had 5 balls, each 50 gms. Red; Yellow; Green; Blue and Varigated that had all the other colours in it. I will have 10 pairs when I am done. See the last work in progress in the centre. See just how much yarn will be left, not much. The socks will likely fit an eighteen month old baby, I will have to check the size to be sure. I am awaiting the Adult "J", that will be a lot of knitting but it is time to put it out there.

I have also finished knitting the Jr. Jacquard, Huggy Bear. I just have to sew on the buttons, end a few threads and I will post it's final picture tomorrow.


  1. That shawl is looking great! Those socks are so colorful! I can't choose which one I like most! I am knitting up a vest for my DH (an XXL) and I feel like I will be knitting forever-- any advice on how to combat that?

  2. The shawl is beautiful! I'm sure the socks are sooo soft and yummy, if the Comfort DK is anything like the Comfort Bulky I've used.

  3. The shawl looks gorgeous, Bernice!!