29 July, 2009

Progress with JJ

JJ is taking shape. The buttons are just pinned on for effect and to see the layout of the collar. I will purchase buttons that reach out and grab me when the jacket is finished.

At first there was some concern re: the size and lay of the collar but as the side ridges are worked the collar has more support from the body. See the difference in the left and right side of the collar with the right side still to be worked. (Right side of the jacket not the right side of the picture, confusing?)

I really like the way it lays, whether buttoned all the way up and over, kind of like a deep rolled, very warm, collar or with the top three buttons open it lays off on the shoulder and I think it will be flattering and will accent the garment worn under the jacket.
Since my post yesterday I have been knitting more and am now about 1/2 way through the 5th skein. "Anybody want to do the #'s now." Right now I am just knitting JJ and of course some other small projects that I need to cool my lap in this heat. JJ is wool and it is getting big and it is hot, like a beautiful winter blanket.
Until next time MommaBearKnits

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  1. I love the way the shawl collar is - this sweater is going to be a must for me!!