17 July, 2009

Done; Done; Done; Progress; Begun

Huggy Bear with cabled collar and cuffs
Ten pairs of Baby Socks
It measures 58"X25" before blocking. I think it will surpass the pattern blocked measurements of 64"X32" no problem. I cannot wait to see it blocked. I really enjoyed it and could not put it down, that is why it is finished so quickly.


I am still working on Lynda's Fancy Stitch Cozy. No point in showing it again until it is finished.

AND!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!
I am knitting, along with Deb, the final vesion of the "J" series.
Adult "JJ" is on the table.
It will have a collar and be more of a warm fall/winter jacket than a cardigan. I am more than half way through the collar, LONG WAY TO GO, GARTER STITCH IS A LOT OF KNITTING BUT WELL WORTH IT.

Until next post MOMMABEARKNITS

1 comment:

  1. I just love the cables on the Huggy Bear pattern! I'm a huge fan of yours, Cabin Fever's, and just about ANY top down knitting - can't get enough!

    Keep up the good work, please,
    Chris, UK.