25 July, 2009

Progress Report for Adult JJ

I am making great progress --- I think.
I have finished the two front panels, and the centre back panel. I have picked up the stitches to work both of the sides and have completed a few ridges on each side. I have a long way to go, lot of knitting but I really like the collar and look forward to the finished JJ Jacket. The pattern does not instruct a knitter to work both sides at once but I am trying to get a feel for the fit before finishing the #'s. It is still a design under construction and Cabin Fever will have it out there for all you knitters before you know it.
Today, it is raining in Lake Country and it is forecast to be cloudy and rainy for the next five days.
Where-oh-Where is the sunshine for the Sunshine City.
MommaBearKnits in the sun, rain, hail, snow.
Whatever the season MBK's

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