11 July, 2009

Frog Squad Came, new Shawl Under Construction

The shawl above, while lovely, it was far too big for my plan. There was still many many rows and then an edge, it would have reached the floor on a short person like me. I tried to keep at it but for some reason I kept turning to other projects. I think it should have been in finer yarn on smaller needles, oh well, lesson learned. Onward and upward. The yarn will emerge from the frog pond and live to fight another day. I am posting the picture just so you all know that I really did put a lot into it.
Now, new shawl started. It is an Evelyn Clark Design called Heartland Lace Shawl. It will be smaller and more lacy. Deb had originally recommended that I visit Evelyn Clark's web site and see her patterns. but I had some sentimental reason for choosing the other one. Deb, I should have listened to you, I am enjoying this pattern and find it real easy to follow. What I like the most is that it is written out line by line and also charted. I am still knitting baby socks, sweaters and Lynda's cozy as well. They work when I am watching TV, the shawl requires more attention.
MommaBear is still knitting.


  1. Wonderful accomplishments for your family this week, you for frogging the shawl into one you will love (great design by the way) and to your Mom in Law for her 97th birthday. Also, the stash organization is a biggg step. Congrats for all.

  2. I agree. And these days, when I buy new clothes, I'm buying them with 'retirement wardrobe' in mind. Eventually I'll be downsizing the 'no-power' suits and wearing more casual things to work... dressy casual, you understand, but nonetheless, it will mean more room in the closet for stash! Moo- ah- ah- ah ahhh!


  3. I agree with the other ladies who posted! Wow 97! What an accomplishment! And organizing your stash-- I love the totes-- all the yarn I have is shoved in those great big storage bags. I can not wait to see what your shawl will look like--- it is nice to know you have yarn in your frog pond as well. I still hate that baby cardigan(I never finished) I started to knit in thick and thin orange yarn!

  4. I love this shawl. And if you don't want to get back to a project there is usually a good reason. Better to bail out than to continue. I love Evelyn Clark's shawl patterns. This is way more intricate than anything I have tackled so far and it looks beautiful.