20 October, 2009


I am addicted; I admit it; I can live with it (although, not sure if PapaBear can); and I am looking forward the the 'Arts and Craft Christmas Tour in Oro Medonte'.  I have finished some projects and am working on more:

This one (above) is a pullover version of the Jr. J.  It is worked in superwash wool and is size 2-3.  I have added a little different edging on the cuffs and bottom but the #'s are the same.  I encourage anyone who has worked the "J" series ('Baby J'; 'Jr. J'; and the latest cabin fever release 'J J Jacket') to branch out and be creative. The numbers can be worked for a sweatshirt style pullover; a crew neck pullover; a vest; and a hip length, waist length or I bet a full length coat would be great.  Go for it and if you do, please send me a picture, it will make me very happy to see my beloved "J" in many many different ways. I have worn my 'J J Jacket' in the public a few times already and it has never failed to attract attention and receive compliments.  Everyone is facinated with the directions and the no sewing.  If you are interested in seeing the leaflet patterns that I have self published and Cabin Fever published click on the link at the top of the left side panel.

This one (above) is similar to Sam's Delight, but not!  This one is size 8-10 and will be available for sale at the upcoming craft show.  I will likely write it up as a new pattern as the neckline is different, the yarn weight different, body texture different and there will be more sizes (2-52 hopefully).  That will likely not happen until January 2010 as I am kind of busy with the Craft show and working with Deb, Dana, Lynda and Sophie on the new Cabin Fever book.  Keep an eye out for it, you will like it, I promise. 

Hanging on my clothes line (I love outdoor clothes lines) are some more small projects, not quite finished but soon.  I gifted my Son, Daughter-in-Law, Grandaughter with the first three pairs of Fingerless Gloves, so will have to keep on knitting some more before November 20.  I think they are very popular now.  The hat looks weird right now but in my head it looks real neat.  Will post the finished hat, if it works.

I am also working on another multi-directional garment.  This one is just for ideas, so it is just size 1-2, but it will help me with the ideas and various panel stitch patterns.

Close-up of the back 2 panels.  Keep watching, it will change a lot before it is done.

As alway the addicted MommaBear cannot stop, is there help out there for me? Or if you don't have any help, join me, I love knitting with other knitters, awesome networking opportunity.

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  1. Nope - no cure for Knitting Addiction. Just cast on yet another scarf, and a teddy bear, while still having a sock, a lace shawl, a skinny scarf and smallish pocket-size teddy all on needles.
    I'll happily knit on with you .....