05 October, 2009

Long Time No Post - I am Back

Catch up time: 
First of all I want to thank Cynthia McDougall, http://www.cgknitters.ca/ for the write up in the current issue of "Knit Together" (the quarterly publication of Canadian Guild of Knitters).  I was featured under the category "Meet a Canadian Designer" and am totally flattered by the recognition.

As I mentioned in my last post I am going to be a vendor at the 16th Annual Christmas Art and Craft Tour in Oro Medonte.
You all know I have lots of stock but, hopefully will need more.  I will also take my Huggy and Hoodie Bear Patterns for sale.  I am working hard, finishing up the Baby Compass pattern, making smaller items for display and hopefully they will sell at the November event.  I just finished a child's version of a hooded sweatshirt style pullover and of course more socks, hats and mitts. 

Pictured here are more of my stock.  I cannot believe it, I have even started to knit Fingerless Gloves.  I never could see the reasoning behind them but they are popular and as I worked through several pairs, I began to like them on my hands and I bet they will be handy when I walk Cruster Ruster. So, I will likely keep one pair for me.   I am also working on a updated version of my Sam's Delight pattern, it will be called Samorel and will be written for children 1-6; 8-14; and an adult version will eventually be available, likely not until January at the earliest. (Picture will follow, I have completed the yoke and about 3 inches of the body.  Still have to do the sleeves.) 
Deb, Dana, Lynda, Sophie and I have held our first meeting to discuss yet another Cabin Fever Book.  It will be different from the previous ones, and will feature some very interesting designs.  Keep watching the Cabin Fever Sisters, for the release of another pattern book------------ 
Until next time ---- MommaBearKnits.

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  1. Love to see your designs. I find fingerless gloves very handy to walk my pup, even in the snowiness of winter I wear it on the hand with the leash.