22 October, 2009


I am trying to branch out and step up from the baby/toddler patterns.  I wonder what would a tweeny girl ( say 10 - 14 yrs) like to wear if I knit it for her.  I want it to be fashionable, multidirectional and no sew.  If those of you out in cyber world can just give me some hints, I can certainly work the multidirectional no sew concept into the project.  Just a few suggestions would be appreciated. 

1.   Do they like Cardigans, Pullovers, Hoodies, Vests, Jumpers, or what? 
2.   Do they like Lace, Cables, or just Stockinette or Garter stitch or perhaps a mix of two or more stitch patterns. 
3.   How about colours, do they like basic colours, self patterning, or out-of-this-world fabulous bright  colours? 
4. What do you knit for your daughters and/or grandaughters? 
5. I would like to know if the girls will wear them if they are cool and fresh in 2009 or just say 'thanks mom', and put them away in the closet never to see the light of day.
6. What works best for teens, DK, Worsted, Aran, Chunky?
7. Do you think teens will want to knit something themselves if it is their style?

I have gone on the web, seached for teen specific patterns and they are scarce.  There is and will always be the classic cardigans, pullovers, and shells in all sizes but I want new stuff.  For every other size there are thousands, but fashionable specific teen patterns, not so much,  Help me please.  Send pictures, descriptions, web sites and blogs that I can visit, where I might get some ideas or find patterns that I can purchase and download or free pattern sites as well.  

Contact me: berniebydesign@gmail.com or even just post a comment.

I need to feed my addiction and this will help.  MommaBearKnits on and on.


  1. As for knitwear, the stuff my 11-year-old (6th grade) daughter gravitates toward is:

    - a simple ribbed pullover in a color she likes (bright red, storebought)
    - a brown stockinette shrug made from a lightweight yarn that becomes merely thread in places so it has a cool jagged stripey effect (storebought)
    - a simple solid-colored (purple) stockinette turtleneck (handknit, in progress, *she* chose the pattern - Tang by Wendy Bernard)

  2. I can really help you-- I have 2 girls (11 and 13)! I think it would have to be stockinette. I am thinking a longer style cardigan with a hood. Also, a DK weight would be great-- that way they would get not get too hot in school. I will ask my daughters later this afternoon for better perspective and email it to you.