31 March, 2009

"? Baby" is Moving Right Alone

Here is the first prototype. It is the smallest (Preemie) size just because it is quicker to work out the kinks with a smaller project. Besides, Preemie Patterns are cute and Butterscotch loves to model them. I am back into the multi-directional mode but still no-sewing.

Now I have begun a size 18 months (largest size) and I will detail each section as I go. There will be little glitches but I am confident that it will work and will be fairly easy to put to paper. Time will tell. So far I have completed the first and second section. 1. Neckband; 2. Short Back Panel to balance the front neck shape. Next is the sleeve panel. Remember, visitors are welcome and I will keep updating the progress. By the time this one is done, I should have at least a rough version of the pattern on paper.

Until next time........ MommaBearKnits

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