03 March, 2009

Huggy Bear Passed His In-House Inspection!

Well MommaBear called a meeting this morning for the final in-house inspection and/or approval of "Huggy Bear" #001. Butterscotch modeled the cardigan and hat and also offered his opinion. Believe me, he can be very critical. Chocolate, of course, conducts the final inspection. Snowflake decided to sit in on the meeting, for experience only........ The discussion was very detailed and final approval was given by Chocolate.
Then the original Huggy Bear, and her baby, offered some more input. It was all good though.

Snowflake wanted to be in the picture too. So she posed with Butterscotch.
And, of course, Butterscotch had the final word.
I am still waiting for Mary's comments and corrections; keeping my fingers crossed. I will keep my blog updated. Drop in again soon. MommaBear loves her blog being visited almost as much as she enjoys designing and of course, KNITTING.
MommaBearKnits on into the night and in the morning too.............
Freedom 65 is the best thing!!!!

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