30 March, 2009

MommaBearKnits Too

I am still knitting and designing in spite of the wildlife in the yard. I started another baby jacket worked in multi directions and definitely with no sewing. It is kind of like 'Baby J' but 'Not' really. 'Baby J' has the panels running down the centre front and the centre back. This one has the panels running down the top of the shoulder and the sleeve and it is worked in a textured pattern instead of garter stitch.
This one is the first of many samples worked in the Preemie size, now I have to work the #'s for the next 4 sizes. There is still a long way to go and there will be quite a few changes before the final version is done.

The back of the neck has a short panel to make the allowance for the drop in the front of the neck. If it works and I can get the sizes, I intend to post a question for my visitors. I will ask for suggestions for the name of the design.
If I receive a suggestion that grabs me and I assign it to the finished project I will email a copy of the pattern to the person who suggested it when it is finalized and sent to Patternfish for sale
on-line .................... keep visiting and I will keep posting my progress. I am also working on an adult version of 'Baby J' called 'J Walker'.
MommaBearKnits and Designs Too.

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