13 January, 2008


I am finished the Crazy 8's (socks) as posted earlier and now I am working on a sort of normal pair of socks. I love the self patterning yarn and because the nicest brands can be very expensive I like to make use of every metre/yard of it. I usually mix in some equal quality but plain (cheaper) yarn to make one 100 gr. ball shine in two pairs of socks. This pair is using the left overs from another pair that also used plain yarn for the sole of them. Of course I do not have real big feet either. This would not work for men's larger socks. I don't know how I can find time to wear them all but hey----life is good and my feet are warm.
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  1. Hi,
    I love the colour combination. The grey really makes the most of your coloured wool. They are really beautiful looking socks.