09 December, 2011

Long Time Since the Last Post

Yes, after the Artisans' Show I was a little overwhelmed and did not know what next to do so I just knit, knit, knit, and relaxed.  Now I have Callum's Moose Cardigan almost finished, I think what is keeping me from the last step, is all those tails to work in.  I have finished two more Huggy Bear Sets and then I knit three pairs of Baby Mittens.  They will be for Callum, hope they fit.  I don't use patterns for mitts and socks, so I just take my chances.  I like them, and perhaps I will do a pattern of just Baby Hats/Socks/Mittens, you never know where MommaBear will do next.  For now just the mittens are ready for the camera. 

I think the thumbless mitts will work best for babies

Yes, the next step is the Moose Cardigan, it will be ready for Callum by Christmas, it probably will be too big for him until the spring, but he is a big boy so you never know. 

MommaBearKnits on into the Winter.

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