23 December, 2007

New to Blogspot

Hi everyone, this is my first posting on my blog called "MommaBearKnits2". I just want to say I am glad to be here and proud to be a knitting kook. Right now I am in a sock mode, that will change, but for now here I sit with Rusty the Cruster Ruster. He is my beloved grandpet. Besides knitting, I work full time, walk the Ruster Cruster each and every morning, rain or shine. Share my life with my husband of 44 1/2 years, and above all love my son and daughter and their families which include three teenage grandchildren. I live in Canada and right now we are having a rain storm, can you believe it, we were inundated with snow for the last week and now it is pouring rain, green Christmas, maybe.

1 comment:

  1. Hey welcome MommaBear,
    The blog looks great. And the socks are beautiful. Nice pic.