30 December, 2007

This is all about Me Today

I have been home on a Christmas/New Year's break since Friday December 21. I go back to work Wednesday January 2, 2008. Wow! Happy New Year to you all, out there in cyberworld. I walked the Bugle Beagle each and every day. Today is special, it is my birthday, I am 64 and loving it. I have been knitting, walking, resting, hosting Christmas Dinner for my Mother-in-law Mary Vollick, (95 1/2 years old and still being fiesty) my Son, Daughter-in-law and Granddaughter Samantha. We all Love Mary and admire her and value our time we have with her. I have a daughter, fondly referred to as BabyBear, granddaughter Sarah and grandson Cameron, they live in Ottawa. We will visit Ottawa in the new year. Tonight we are having a decadent dinner, Lobster, Shrimp, Garlic Bread and lots of Garlic butter to dip the treats in. And to top it off, a glass, or two, of my brother's homemade wine --- Rhubarb and Raspberry. How good is that. The best part is that Jerry (husband) will be the cook. No driving, no tipping, no credit card bills for a dinner out, life is good. Early to bed, early to rise and again walk the bugle beagle and avoid fat for some time to make up for this birthday dinner.

And as alway MommaBear will still knit into Retirement.

See my Christmas Cactus --- I love it ----

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