25 January, 2009

Coming, It's Coming, Freedom 65

I have five working days to go. Then I will be Knitting my face off. The last few days, will be a little weird, after all, I worked straight from graduating high school as a Doctor's Secretary, no college/university, worked until 2 weeks before my firstborn and I was a stay at home mom until my babybear( baby # 3) went to school full time (that was a period of approx 9 yrs). Then worked for 18 years at Sears Canada, accepted a VIP offer (nice way of saying your job is redundant and too many benefits cost too much, so good bye) It was a good offer so I went back to school for a year to upgrade my computer/accounting skills and do some co-op placements and then worked 16 years at the local Chamber of Commerce as the Executive Assistant. Now it is my time to do what I want, when I want, and where I want--kind of anyway, I still have my Cruster Ruster and my life partner of 46 years at my side. Not a lot of money, but who cares, it is my time to shine. I will be posting, designing, knitting, networking, shopping for yarn, and hopefully will design a few items for posterity.
I may be gone but not forgotten. MommaBearKnits

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  1. Hey - now it's just 4 days to go!!! Hurray!!!