04 January, 2009

The Quilter in Me is Begging to Get Out

I was a quilter (mostly the quilt tops, more fun and creative than actually quilting) and my favourite has always been the rag quilt made from scraps of leftover material with random colours. Actually, the lack of colour co-ordination is the beauty of the rag quilt. I also like log cabin squares. Soooooooo, while I was sitting looking at my stash and my leftover sock yarn (cannot throw out even the smallest little ball) I foolishly started to make garter stitch, log cabin squares. Well, one thing led to another and now a huge project is in progress. I will have more time after January 31 but will also keep on with my designs and socks of course (after all, I will need more scraps.) A Lot more scraps, believe me. I have worked out a pattern on a spreadsheet and now I know just how many squares I will need. That may have been a mistake as now I can really see "just how many squares I will need."

46 Squares, and 8 half squares are required and then a finished edge, that will be decided later. Right now I have 16 centre squares, 3 with the second row completed, 2 with the third row completed, and 2 finished squares. They will need some blocking before I display them.

I cut out the pattern to see how the cardigan will look. Then I went back and coloured the squares for a better look.

I will keep the posts coming and also will count down to Freedom 65.

I have 4 weeks to go;

140 Hours;

8400 minutes;

504,000 seconds.

Keep on Knitting, MommaBear will.

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