29 January, 2010

19 Days since my last Post, That is bad!!!

I have been in a hiatus for the last two plus weeks.  But, Deb don't worry, I am still knitting, and trying to write this pattern out so that you can get through it.  That is not easy, but I am now on the home stretch.

As always it is real easy to knit out of your head, but making it a written out pattern is the challenge.  But, MommaBear can do it if you push her hard enough, right Deb?
I have also been knitting socks, socks, socks.  Just because I needed a break.  Over the last two weeks my Mother in Law has been in a poor state of health, understandable as she is approaching her 98th Birthday.  But, she is pretty tough and seems to be improving.  She is a resident in LeisureWorld Orillia and they are very good to her.  PoppaBear is the main family caregiver and it has been stressful for him as he is in constant pain with a bad back, knees, hips and bad arthritis.  Getting old is not always fun.  But MommaBearKnits on into the night and it gives her coping capabilites. 

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  1. Beautiful work! I so relate to knitting giving us coping capabilities.