02 February, 2011

Been Lazy about my Blog but not about my Knitting

Knitting a hoodie for my new grandnephew - to be born in May 2011

Man's Pullover is finished, just need to double check the stitch numbers for all sizes and finish writing the pattern
I think I will name it for my Brothers, Bernard, Robert and Donald
The vest will now be a pullover also, then I will feature it as a vest as well.  Thus, three styles, three brothers. 
That should work and it will honour them in print as well.

Just testing the numbers, not the final style

Working more of the numbers

I am also working on the baby book with Deb Gemmell, Cabin Fever.  I am so proud she has invited me to participate in the production.  It is awesome and the working of the numbers for the 4 sizes in 9 guages is a big job but totally enjoyable.  I love numbers almost as much as I love knitting.  Deb is a great no-sew designer and I am priviledge to participate.  I love to use spreadsheets to work the numbers so I hope I can help with the checking of numbers as well as assisting in the designing.  Also the knitting of photo samples. 

Momma Bear Knits and in her spare time she plays with numbers.

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