11 June, 2012

Callum is Finished

We took photos of Callum wearing Callum yesterday afternoon.  I now have to finish the Front Page of the Pattern and send it off to Patternfish.  I am still waiting for the photos from his Mom's camera to make the final selection.  He is an Awesome boy.  He is 13 months old and is an active, confident young man.  He loves the outdoors and runs, climbs and keeps Mom and Dad very busy.

The picture above is the size 1 yr for the photo, it wouldn't fit him this fall when it starts to get colder.  He will enjoy wearing the sizes 2 yrs when he is out in the great outdoors this fall.  Right now it is a little large but he will grow.

I couldn't believe it, he stood up on a pile of wood and was completely balanced.  He is a very active little man.  This one below is a sample of my Basic Cardigan, that I will post on Patternfish soon too.

I am a man!!!
MommaBearKnits and enjoys it totally.

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